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Svartfest i Sinnet: Tur & Retur Berlin

2010-07-02 av ozelot

Ingen låser sina cyklar i Berlin, folk stjäl nästan aldrig. Jag fyllesnodde en när jag var där men eftersom jag inte orkade cyklade hem den stannade jag en taxi som tog med den i bagageluckan. Cykeln ställde jag bara olåst utanför porten och när min vän åkte tillbaka efter ett halvår stod den fortfarande kvar. Tur & retur Berlin.

SINNET är ett relativt nystartat kreativt kollektiv som ibland anordnar fester modell billig öl och medlemskap. Du förstår principen.

Tim, face Berlin är ett band som förmedlar känsla och stämning helt instrumentalt, ungefär som soundtracket till en film.
Egentligen ligger det ingen djupare mening bakom bandnamnet men med lite vilja kan bandets musik liknas vid staden: stor, oförutsägbar, atmosfärisk och vacker.

Kanske var det just under en resa till Berlin för två år sedan som bandet Holy Family bildades. Men det var inte långt ifrån att bandet förlorade en medlem till staden redan innan det bildats, då Anton mycket olyckligt glömde sitt pass på ett välanvänt cafégolv bara minuterna innan tåget hem till Göteborg skulle avgå.
Om han kommer att hitta sitt pass till Tur & Retur Berlin återstår ännu att se.

Fredag 3 juli 19:00 – 00:00
Sinnet, Gamla Varvsgatan 1, Majorna, Göteborg
18 år – 50 kr – Mat & Dryck

OBS! MEDLEMSKAP KRÄVS. Medlem blir du snabbt och enkelt här: http://medlem.lokalsinnet.se/

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  1. ed

    The “FORTY-YEARS” of SILVIO BERLUSCONI after the initial massacre CASATI-STAMPA, August 30, 1970 – August 30, 2010

    An imaginary innocent tale of political fiction, or perhaps a political fantasy?

    So goes the legend …

    All infamous nazi-fascist acts have a criminal origin, and end with a populist right-wing swing.

    So it is with our “hero” (or “heroin-addict”) of this fictional short-story, Silvio “Burlescone”, burlesque, … not.

    What was it, that gave SILVIO BERLUSCONI the grim courage to undertake the unstoppable chain of crimes and murders, violating every rule of decency, and every social law? It was the fact that SILVIO BERLUSCONI never had anything to lose, absolutely nothing. Born in “ISOLA” of a fascist father, SILVIO BERLUSCONI grew up in a fascist Salesian boarding-school and started his life in a prison-like atmosphere of indescribable shame and vile baseness. Even the slightest change in any direction, and at any cost, could only be positive for an individual with such a pale and squalid past.

    It was a dark and stormy night … and SILVIO BERLUSCONI was born in “Isola Garibaldi”, a dismal and enormous working-class district on the outskirts of Milan, on the “wrong-side-of-the-rail-tracks” of the local railway station Stazione Garibaldi, son of a low-level bank-servant, but of a level sufficient to allow the child to smell the acrid odor of sanctity of the dirty “nobility” in Milan. Among this “nobility”, the “marquis” CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA di Soncino, with buildings in Via Soncino and Arcore, of immense wealth, and with established contacts with the “black-nobility” and with the secret circles of Rome, the Vatican, and SMOM. SILVIO BERLUSCONI logically became obsessed with the CASATI-STAMPAs. It is not difficult to understand the wry mentality of SILVIO BERLUSCONI if you happen to have visited the neighborhood “ISOLA” and the boarding school in Via Copernico, Martinitt-orfanage-style, with compulsory uniform and mandatory prison-like nights, in shabby rooms filled with urine and envy, in which SILVIO BERLUSCONI lived his first twenty years of his pathetic and shameful existence, and where he learned to play the basic principles of a grotesque urban-animal survival (in the underworld of Milan, SILVIO BERLUSCONI was making a living as a singer in night-clubs in the outskirts of the city, and his sister Maria Francesca Antonietta Berlusconi was forced to earn money as a vaudeville-dancer). In a consistent display of cowardice, SILVIO BERLUSCONI dodged the compulsory draft, through the use of numerous subterfuges of a fraudulent nature (just like the worm BENITO MUSSOLINI before him, who had gone to Switzerland in the years 1903-1904 to avoid the mandatory military service).

    Towards the end of the Sixties SILVIO BERLUSCONI recruited a fascist student, MARIO MORETTI, who was a “friend” of ANNA FALLARINO, the second wife of CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA. ANNA FALLARINO had a “particular” interest for MARIO MORETTI because his aunt was the concierge in the building of the CASATI-STAMPA family, in Via Soncino. ANNA FALLARINO had subsequently paid for school courses in electronics for MARIO MORETTI, and had hosted in the CASATI-STAMPA mansion in Via Soncino the same MARIO MORETTI when he moved to Milan in 1966. ANNA FALLARINO had also secured a job in a factory for MARIO MORETTI, at “SIT-SIEMENS” in Milan.

    With Hitler-like mustache, the dream of MARIO MORETTI on his arrival in Milan was to emulate the anarchist Pietro Cavallero (“THE Piero” – “IL Piero”) of the “CAVALLERO GANG” (“Banda Cavallero”) of 1967 in Largo Zandonai (sadly glorified in the movie ”Bandits in Milan” – “Banditi a Milano” starring the actor Gian Maria Volonte’ in 1968), and perhaps the “Blue Overalls” (“Tute Blu”) of Ugo Ciappina, the bandit of Via Osoppo (and of the “Gang Everywhere” – “Banda Dovunque”), or even the fascist ERNESTO BRIVIO, “The last burst of Salo’ “ (“L’ultima raffica di Salo’ “). At “SIT-SIEMENS”, MARIO MORETTI, allegedly catholic, became a member of the “CISL” right-wing-christian-democrat trade-union organization, and this activity brought him in contact with the rightist-left (or left-with-a-rightwing-rotation) syndicalist-anarchist groups in “SIT-SIEMENS”, groups which later provided many elements to the anarcho-fascist “RED BRIGADES” (“Brigate Rosse”), among them CORRADO ALUNNI, PAOLA BESUSCHIO, Giuliano Isa, Umberto Farioli, Giorgio Semeria, and PIERLUIGI ZUFFADA, all members of the “Study Groups” (“Gruppi di Studio”) at the “SIT-SIEMENS”.

    In turn, MARIO MORETTI had recruited for his criminal projects a bully chum in Rome, MASSIMO MINORENTI, a student of political science without grades, of playboy-opportunistic-fascist tendencies, and even fascist terror, also author of the bombings in Rome on December 12, 1969, on the very same date as the massacre of FONTANA SQUARE (“Piazza Fontana”). MARIO MORETTI got in touch with his patron, that same ANNA FALLARINO, with whom MASSIMO MINORENTI posed as a gigolo and lover, with the consent and approval of MARIO MORETTI, and thus guaranteeing free access for the two conspirators to the sumptuous home of CASATI-STAMPA in Rome, a luxurious penthouse on two stories at number 9 of Via Puccini.

    A deadly trap was set in place for August 30, 1970, when CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA, outside Rome for a hunting session, called ANNA FALLARINO, and MASSIMO MINORENTI answered the phone, alerting intentionally CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA that ANNA FALLARINO was that day with her lover MASSIMO MINORENTI (this according to the “official” report of the events).

    The official account of the facts speculated, and indeed also concluded, that CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA returned to Rome in great haste, entered the apartment, ordered the five servants to go back to their rooms, then went into the room where ANNA FALLARINO and MASSIMO MINORENTI were sitting together, and killed them both with a Browning A-5 Automatic caliber 12, three shots to ANNA FALLARINO, and then two shots to MASSIMO MINORENTI, and finally the last shot on himself. Three bodies and six shots. The problem is that the Browning 12 (and 20) repeating shotgun only has five shots, four in the tank fixed under the barrel, and one in the barrel itself.

    (The Browning Automatic 5, most often called Auto-5 or simply A-5, is a recoil-operated auto-loading shotgun designed by John Browning. It was the first successful auto-loading shotgun designed, and remained in production until 1998. The name of the shotgun designates that it is an autoloader with a capacity of five shots, four in the magazine and one in the chamber.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Browning_Auto-5

    Yes, it is indeed possible that CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA, after having exhausted all five shots available in the Browning, two into ANNA FALLARINO, and three for MASSIMO MINORENTI, has decided to reload the Browning: however, reloading would have been a very difficult task to do when performed in full post-double-murder frenzy. The Browning 12 (like the 20), in order to be reloaded, requires the careful removal of a nut inserted via pressure-torsion-bayonet under the barrel, followed by the careful reverse-introduction of shells of large size into the magazine under the barrel, and all this assuming that CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA would have brought in his pocket bulky and heavy 12-caliber cartridges as spare ammunitions.

    In addition, under any analysis, the act of reloading a shotgun would be an unlikely gesture for a suicide-in-the-making, who, if ever, would have preferably used a handgun for a final act of such a decisive importance (and CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA had a lot of handguns, and possibly a Beretta caliber 6.35, as de-rigueur for all the “noble” Romans, in the back pocket of his trousers). But the investigators in charge of the “survey” had already decided to take the simplistic official ”double-murder-plus-suicide” with a total of six shots, so that the critical point of a gun loaded with only five shots was never discussed (the reloading would have been a necessary condition for consolidating the theory ”murder-cum-suicide”).

    The death-trap was in fact triggered on August 30, 1970, but the events probably occurred instead as follows. MARIO MORETTI had informed MASSIMO MINORENTI of the date of the planned executions of CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA and ANNA FALLARINO, executions to be carried out in the name of the “RED BRIGADES” in the making. The CASATI-STAMPAs had most probably been “condemned” by the “RED BRIGADES” as being members of the prominent black nobility, vicious and lascivious, “anti-revolutionary and clerical”, with the implementation of the execution scheduled for August 30. MASSIMO MINORENTI put into action the trap, not conscious of the fact that he himself had been included in the list of victims. ANNA FALLARINO, MASSIMO MINORENTI, and CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA had decided to meet on August 30 in Via Puccini to clarify some points regarding their menage-a-trois. CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA entered the residence and asked the service personnel to retreat to their rooms, then walked into the living-room where ANNA FALLARINO and MASSIMO MINORENTI were waiting. There, MASSIMO MINORENTI with the Browning A-5 shot off one shell straight into the face of CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA, leaving him stone-dead on the spot.

    ANNA FALLARINO was a conscious accomplice of the killing of CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA, as MASSIMO MINORENTI had led her to believe that the murder was going to be presented to the police as an armed robbery with consequent homicide performed by “unknown individuals” who would allegedly have entered the apartment and taken the rifle that were stored in the home. Likely? In truth, not very much so, but plausible enough to convince the simple mind of ANNA FALLARINO, who had never been known for her intelligence. ANNA FALLARINO had become, and in fact was, the sole heiress of the whole fortune of the CASATI-STAMPA dynasty, except for 100 million lire and some works of art (including a Tintoretto and a Tiepolo) that had to go to ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA, the daughter of CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA in a first marriage annulled by the Vatican.

    So after the shooting of CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA, ANNA FALLARIO goes up to MASSIMO MINORENTI to congratulate him for the perfect shot, and MASSIMO MINORENTI at that point, instead of embracing her tenderly, as she expected, just shot at her three times at close range, as dictated by the scripts of SILVIO BERLUSCONI and of the “RED BRIGADES”.

    At this point, MARIO MORETTI (who had previously entered the apartment), emerged in the room, congratulated MASSIMO MINORENI for the accuracy shown in executions, took charge of the Browning, and decided to reload the gun and to swiftly point the gun against the same MASSIMO MINORENTI, letting go off two rounds in rapid succession, thus eliminating an inconvenient witness of doubtful trustworthiness for him, given that MASSIMO MINORENTI was also aware of the guilt of MARIO MORETTI for FONTANA SQUARE and for the three bombs in Rome, bombs manufactured by MARIO MORETTI and triggered by the same MASSIMO MINORENTI on December 12, 1969. So MARIO MORETTI had completed the first historical act of the “RED BRIGADES”, the “original-sin” of SILVIO BERLUSCONI, which would have been the first brick of the dazzling bloody criminal career of the wily national gangster SILVIO BERLUSCONI: SILVIO BERLUSCONI, the real public-enemy number one in Italy for over forty years now (2010), the dark “FORTY-YEARS” of SILVIO BERLUSCONI.

    In whatever way the facts had unfolded, at the end MARIO MORETTI left the apartment unnoticed and returned to Milan, and was mysteriously unsuspected during the course of all the murder investigations that were conducted, despite the close contact that he had kept with ANNA FALLARINO throughout the years. Of course, the police at that time had not yet experienced the irrational but calculated psychopathic brutality that MARIO MORETTI was able to demonstrate later in the events of 1978 in Rome, and that he had already used for the massacre of FONTANA SQUARE. In retrospect, pure logic indicates that MARIO MORETTI was amply endowed with the obtuse mentality required to plan and implement massacres like FONTANA SQUARE, CASATI-STAMPA, and Via Fani, massacres effectively planned and put-in-place by him in every detail.

    In the case of the CASATI-STAMPA massacre, the cunning of MARIO MORETTI was to involve the vain and stupid MASSIMO MINORENTI (followed by the elimination of the same) to deflect the suspicions of the “investigating” authorities. MARIO MORETTI could have eliminated the CASATI-STAMPAs acting all alone at any time and in any place, but if he had acted alone, all suspicions and clues would have been directed at him. (After the murder, the lousy MARIO MORETTI, despite being married – MARIO MORETTI divorced his wife from prison in 1984 – miserably tried to approach the now-heiress ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA to allegedly “comfort” her, but in reality as a predator, but the only answer he got from ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA was a noble and very kind but firm “F… you” – “Va’ffan’c… .)

    MARIO MORETTI had made aware of the plans for the elimination of CASATI-STAMPA one RENATO CURCIO and one MARGHERITA CAGOL (a.k.a. “Mara”), and in the same August of 1970, at the meeting of Pecorile (meeting orchestrated for a whole week at Costaferrata di Casina, near Reggio Emilia, by the super-priest “don” Emilio Manfredi), these two criminals quickly transformed their dark libertarian anarcho-fascist group “METROPOLITAN POLITICAL COLLECTIVE” (“Collettivo Politico Metropolitano”) (of which MARIO MORETTI and CORRADO SIMIONI were members) into the historic core of the “RED BRIGADES”. RENATO CURCIO then placed the “RED BRIGADES” at the service of SILVIO BERLUSCONI, and through the appropriate management of the assets of the CASATI-STAMPAs, the vile SILVIO BERLUSCONI and the servile RENATO CURCIO assured the continuous and generous funding of SILVIO BERLUSCONI for the criminal activities of the “RED BRIGADES”. And it was in the same in August of 1970 that the “RED BRIGADES” showed their turbid face at the “SIT-SIEMENS” in Milan, handing out leaflets in Piazzale Zavattari in Milan.

    And on September 16, 1970, the “RED BRIGADES” kidnapped and killed the journalist Mauro De Mauro, a former “Decima-MAS” fascist who knew of the plans of the “RED BRIGADES” and who had decided that he wanted to talk about it in the media, and that under a false name was investigating the massacre CASATI-STAMPA: his body was never found, and none of that pseudo-repentant members of the “RED BRIGADES” never ever “repented” for this crime. On September 17, 1970, the “RED BRIGADES” – as confessed later by ALBERTO FRANCESCHINI – did carry-out their first violent act in Milan, torching the car of Giuseppe Leoni, manager at the “SIT-SIEMENS”, and left for the first time their particular symbol, the five-pointed encircled star, broad-based like a letter “A”, symbol that had emerged as a modification of the “A”, for “Anarchy”, used by the anarcho-syndicalists-fascists of the “SIT-SIEMENS”. And one of the attacks of the “RED BRIGADES” was even marked by MARIO MORETTI with a star of David, six-pointed, to drop false suspicions onto other secret religious circles. It was on October 20, 1970, that the birth of the “RED BRIGADES” was announced publicly by RENATO CURCIO in his fascist newsletter “Sheet of Struggle” (“Foglio di Lotta”), printed and distributed by the circle of catholic catechism of RENATO CURCIO under the false name of “PROLETARIAN LEFT” (“SINISTRA PROLETARIA”), an obviously outlandish nomenclature adopted in order to mislead crime investigators towards the leftist trail.

    The daughter of CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA, ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA, sole heiress of the CASATI-STAMPA immense fortune, but then still a minor, was represented by CESARE PREVITI, a super-corrupt lawyer who became initially pro-guardian and mentor, and later sole-guardian of ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA when he succeeded the first guardian of ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA, namely GIORGIO BERGAMASCO, who in 1972 was so opportunely appointed “Minister of Relations with Parliament” (sic) in the first government of GIULIO ANDREOTTI, appointment done for the sole and only purpose of removing GIORGIO BERGAMASCO from the guardianship of ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA. As CESARE PREVITI, GIORGIO BERGAMASCO too was a deeply corrupt lawyer, and was also an active member of the fascist “DEMOCRATIC RESISTANCE COMMITTEES” (“Comitati di Resistenza Democratica”), which included other super-fascists like LUIGI CAVALLO, the “count” Edgardo Sogno (a free-mason in “Peace and Liberty” -“Pace e Liberta’ ” – with the same LUIGI CAVALLO), Renzo Rocca (of SIFAR, brutally “suicided”, as happened to CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA, and also to CARLO FELTRINELLI, to GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI, to ROBERTO CALVI, and to MICHELE SINDONA), ANTONIO ALLEGRA (of the “Political Bureau of the Police Headquarters” – “Ufficio Politico della Questura”, a neighbor of MARIO MORETTI in Via delle Ande in Milan), ROBERTO DOTTI (of the “Terrazza Martini”, an exclusive Milanese club where he posed as a “friend” of the CASATI-STAMPAs, with the only evil purpose of selling their skin to SILVIO BERLUSCONI), and even that CORRADO SIMIONI (of the superclandestine “SUPERCLAN”, driving around in his Maserati). It is worth noting that the location of the “DEMOCRATIC RESISTANCE COMMITTEES” was in Via Gallarate 131, the very same building where the parents of the wife of MARIO MORETTI lived, and where even the promiscuous MARIO MORETTI lived himself too for some time.

    For pure – or impure – coincidence, CESARE PREVITI was also the lawyer for SILVIO BERLUSCONI, and ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA, following the insidious advice of CESARE PREVITI, sold the Villa San Martino of Arcore, including paintings and other properties (Velate Milanese, Segrate, Cusago, etc.) to the same SILVIO BERLUSCONI for 500 million lire, paid by SILVIO BERLUSCONI with shares of a corporation not listed on any stock market company, namely “EDILNORD”, owned by SILVIO BERLUSCONI himself, shares that were at that time without any value whatsoever. The shares were bought-back years later by SILVIO BERLUSCONI himself for just 250 million lire (while the true value of the villa, with furnishings and all, resulted to be in the order of tens of Billions of lire), and those assets acquired illegally became part of the corporation “FININVEST” owned and controlled by SILVIO BERLUSCONI.

    The CASATI-STAMPA had significant funds invested in the “RASINI BANK” (“Banca Rasini”) where – surprise! – the very father of SILVIO BERLUSCONI, namely LUIGI BERLUSCONI, ex-soldier in the fascist army in WW2, was a procurator and director. LUIGI BERLUSCONI had passed information from these investments to his super-leech son SILVIO BERLUSCONI, then thirty-four years of age. LUIGI BERLUSCONI had also informed SILVIO BERLUSCONI that ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA was the only possible heir to the CASATI-STAMPA estate, if the CASATI-STAMPAs would have died accidentally. So the plan of SILVIO BERLUSCONI called for the violent elimination of the CASATI-STAMPAs, the appointment of a corrupt guardian for ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA, the illegal transfer of funds from the “RASINI BANK” accounts of the CASATI-STAMPAs to the accounts of SILVIO BERLUSCONI, and the fraudulent “sale-without-payment” of the Villa San Martino in favor of SILVIO BERLUSCONI. What was needed were therefore an action plan, some straw-heads, and some assassins.

    Logically, in the mind of SILVIO BERLUSCONI emerged the names of CESARE PREVITI, his own lawyer, a notoriously corrupt character, and MARIO MORETTI, “friend” of ANNA FALLARINO and of catholic and rebellious character. SILVIO BERLUSCONI was well aware of the existence of MARIO MORETTI because LUIGI BERLUSCONI had talked extensively about MARIO MORETTI: MARIO MORETTI himself had a bank account at “RASINI BANK”, as ANNA FALLARINO had for years transferred to MARIO MORETTI funds to finance his studies at the boarding school “Montana” in Fermo. SILVIO BERLUSCONI, neo-fascist and clerical, contacted so MARIO MORETTI, clerical and neo-fascist, and MARIO MORETTI in turn made contact (through the fascists of the “DEMOCRATIC RESISTANCE COMMITTEES”, ROBERTO DOTTI and CORRADO SIMIONI) with the fascist leader of the “METROPOLITAN POLITICAL COLLECTIVE”, RENATO CURCIO. From those contacts and from those plans the bloody “RED BRIGADES” were born.

    Incidentally, a “bullet-point-sheet” (“scaletta programmatica”) of the “METROPOLITAN POLITICAL COLLECTIVE” in August 1970 was drawn up precisely on a note-pad of “RASINI BANK”, with footnotes supplied by SILVIO BERLUSCONI to RENATO CURCIO and MARIO MORETTI, and with, printed on top, the initials “BR” of “B” for “Banca” and “R” for “Rasini”, initials which were extended into the tragic name “B” for “Brigata” and “R” for “Rossa”, “Brigata Rossa” – “Red Brigade”, in the singular. The name was later changed into the plural “Brigate Rosse” (“RED BRIGADES”), even in trivial coincidence with the violent Brigate Rossonere of SILVIO BERLUSCONI (“Commandos Clan”, “Fedelissimi” – “The Most Faithful”, “Commandos Tigre”, “Fossa dei Leoni” -“The Lions’ Den”, “Cava del Demonio” – “Cave of the Devil”, and “Ultras”), the numerous ultra-fascist “clubs” of the soccer-club “Milan Associazione Calcistica”, sponsored at the sound of millions of dollars just by SILVIO BERLUSCONI. Yes, “fascist” “RED BRIGADES”, even in grim remembrance of the fascist “BLACK BRIGADES” (“Brigate Nere”) of Missaglia, of Formigonian memory.

    The heiress, ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA, was in effect not at all aware of the enormous scale of the investments of the CASATI-STAMPAs in the “RASINI BANK”, and so LUIGI BERLUSCONI began in secret in 1970 to gradually transfer those funds from the CASATI-STAMPA accounts to the bank accounts of SILVIO BERLUSCONI and PAOLO BERLUSCONI (SILVIO BERLUSCONI’s brother) within the “RASINI BANK”. LUIGI BERLUSCONI had provided both sons with numerous bank accounts set-up in the “RASINI BANK”. CESARE PREVITI, although he was guardian of ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA, was shamelessly approving the transfer of funds from CASATI-STAMPA accounts to SILVIO BERLUSCONI, under the perspective, which subsequently turned into an ugly reality, to become high-level lackey-employee of the same SILVIO BERLUSCONI. It should be noted in passing that among the depositors of the bank were also the mafiosi Giuseppe Calo’ (“Casa” but always “Pippo” for SILVIO BERLUSCONI), Salvatore Riina (“Curtu”, but always “Toto’ “ for SILVIO BERLUSCONI in their extensive meetings concerning strategies of massacres, “the Knight and the Beast” association through which they eliminated the historic enemy of the “RED BRIGADES” since FONTANA SQUARE, Carabinieri Generalissimo Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa), Bernardo Provenzano ( “Tratturi”, but always ”Binnu” for SILVIO BERLUSCONI) and that same VITTORIO MANGANO, the mobster whose identity-card, amended to “Vincenzo Maggioni”, was found in 1972 on the mutilated body of murdered GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI. And that very same VITTORIO MANGANO, under the orders of MARCELLO DELL’UTRI, worked as a farmer and groom for SILVIO BERLUSCONI in the CASATI-STAMPA villa in Arcore from 1973 to 1975. And it was not a coincidence that in December 1974 the first kidnapping occurred in the Brianza Region of Northern Italy, namely the failed abduction of a host of SILVIO BERLUSCONI in the villa of Arcore – “prince” Luigi D’Angerio of Sant’Agata degli Angio’ – just as the guest was about to leave the villa of Arcore occupied by SILVIO BERLUSCONI.

    The owner of “RASINI BANK”, the “count” CARLO LUIGI RASINI of Buccinasco, in 1974, despite the excellent financial position of “RASINI BANK” (which in that last year had gained over a quarter of its capital), when he finally had fully understood the horrible dimensions of the numerous illegal transfers from the CASATI-STAMPA accounts to the SILVIO BERLUSCONI accounts, transfers that occurred several times between 1970 and 1974, CARLO LUIG RASINI decided to abandon the “RASINI BANK” (although the bank had been founded in 1950 by his same family), and to leave the bank to the Sicilian family Azzaretto. At the same time, CARLO LUIGI RASINI also resigned from the role of adviser to the “RASINI BANK”.

    Moreover, just in 1970, the year of the CASATI-STAMPA massacre, LUIGI BERLUSCONI had ratified a very dubious operation, which was destined to have a considerable weight in the history of “RASINI BANK”, acquiring, with the same CASATI-STAMPA funds, a portion of “Brittener Anstalt”, a company in Nassau linked to the “Cisalpina Nassau Overseas Bank”, the board of which included names destined to become notorious for infamy, like ROBERTO CALVI, MICHELE SINDONA, LICIO GELLI, and Paul Marcinkus, names all linked to SILVIO BERLUSCONI and the Vatican in the subversive catholic-fascist masonic lodge “PROPAGANDA DUE” (“P2”).

    The “RASINI BANK”, and CARLO LUIGI RASINI in particular, were the very first sponsors of SILVIO BERLUSCONI at the beginning of shady entrepreneurial career of SILVIO BERLUSCONI. SILVIO BERLUSCONI and PAOLO BERLUSCONI had received loans from the “RASINI BANK”, and so had many Swiss companies who owned part of the “EDILNORD”, the first construction company set-up by SILVIO BERLUSCONI as a venture with MARCELLO DELL’UTRI. The “RASINI BANK” is also on the list of banks and lending institutions that managed the transfer of funds of 113 billion lire (equivalent to over $600 million – 2010) transferred to the “FININVEST” (the financial and television group owned by SILVIO BERLUSCONI) between 1978 and 1983. The British magazine “The Economist” cites repeatedly the “RASINI BANK” in its famous report on SILVIO BERLUSCONI, underlining how SILVIO BERLUSCONI has made numerous illegal transactions through the “RASINI BANK”. It has been established that SILVIO BERLUSCONI registered at the “RASINI BANK” as many as twenty-three various holdings, titled as “hair-dresser” and “beauty-parlor”, and it was to shed light on these facts that, in 1998, the archive of the “RASINI BANK”, at that time under the name of the “Banca Popolare di Lodi”, was placed under seizure by the authorities.

    To understand the twisted mentality of SILVIO BERLUSCONI’s lawyer, CESARE PREVITI, it is useful to illustrate that, while CESARE PREVITI was the guardian of ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA, he also pretended to protect the interests of family members of ANNA FALLARINO even as a lawyer of the family of ANNA FALLARINO. The family of ANNA FALLARINO said in fact that ANNA FALLARINO had been killed before CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA, and thus all the CASATI-STAMPA inheritance would go to the heirs of ANNA FALLARINO. However, the “investigation” opportunely concluded that ANNA FALLARINO had been killed before CAMILLO CASATI-STAMPA, and that therefore all the assets should go to ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA, and consequently to SILVIO BERLUSCONI. SILVIO BERLUSCONI was this way sure to acquire the assets of the CASATI-STAMPAs, and he was so sure that he came to the point to move-in quickly into the sumptuous villa of ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA in 1974, despite the fact that the property was still listed as CASATI-STAMPA property: in fact, the deed-registration, which in one way or another transferred the property of ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA to the “REAL ESTATE HYDRA” (sic) (“Immobiliare Idra”) (a hydra is a kind of octopus, or, worse, the Hydra of Lerna) of SILVIO BERLUSCONI (with CESARE PREVITI used as “useful-idiot” in the supervisory board of “REAL ESTATE HYDRA”), the registration was indeed not done until as late as 1980.

    With the same cold calculation with which the nazi-German leaders adorned their wives with the jewels of the families removed to Treblinka, so SILVIO BERLUSCONI adorned his numerous vulgar “wives” and devious concubines with the coats-of-arms of those “noble families” that he so deeply envied, and that he so profoundly hated for not having been born himself in those circles. SILVIO BERLUSCONI as MARIO MORETTI, MARIO MORETTI as SILVIO BERLUSCONI, in a macabre duet of hatred and envy. In common they had squalid pasts spent in lurid dorms, and morbid futures tainted by crass greed.

    The public prestige of SILVIO BERLUSCONI, although most false and superficial, was now guaranteed through the ownership of the luxurious Villa San Martino in Arcore, and the capital required by SILVIO BERLUSCONI, though stolen from the innocent victim ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA, was secured, with 7 Billion lire in low-interest bank-loans that SILVIO BERLUSCONI received by placing as collateral the same villa at Arcore owned by CASATI-STAMPA, including the picture gallery with fourteen Luini, one Tiepolo, and one Tintoretto: SILVIO BERLUSCONI, previously of limited financial means, just in 1970 started the construction of the urban-development “MILANO DUE” in Segrate, on CASATI-STAMPA land, with financing from “RASINI BANK” with the CASATI-STAMPA funds. But there was still Rome, and in Rome was still the rock ALDO MORO, with his dedicated followers, the “Morotei”, and positively allied since 1976 with the Communist ENRICO BERLINGUER in national-solidarity, historical-compromise, parallel-convergence and euro-communism, the real future of Europe. The new motto of SILVIO BERLUSCONI then became a pathetic echo of “Rome, or death” (“O Roma, o morte”).

    On November 1, 1975, media-man PIER PAOLO PASOLINI was brutally assassinated with a steel-pipe (the same way ANTONIO ANNARUMMA had been killed) in Ostia for having told “CORRIERE DELLA SERA” (“I know …” – “Io so …”), just two weeks before being murdered, that he had come to find out the name of who had set-off the bomb in FONTANA SQUARE in 1969, and other bombs in Brescia and Bologna in 1974. A young boyfriend of MARIO MORETTI from Rome, GIUSEPPE PELOSI, a.k.a. “Pino” (and also as “The Frog” – “La Rana” – because of his appearance), was arrested and condemned for the murder of PIER PAOLO PASOLINI, but GIUSEPPE PELOSI, released in 1982, was later found innocent, and this crime remains unresolved (2010). GIUSEPPE PELOSI was a relative of GIOVANNI PELOSI, a.k.a. “Gianni”, one of the many boyfriends of BARBARA BALZERANI (nom-de-guerre “Sara”), who was also MARIO MORETTI’s girlfriend-lover-concubine in Via Montalcini during the ALDO MORO kidnapping.

    So in 1975 enters again MARIO MORETTI, multiple murderer, loyal henchman of the “RED BRIGADES” and of SILVIO BERLUSCONI, and MARIO MORETTI moved to Rome, at number 89 of Via Gradoli, with all expenses covered by the CASATI-STAMPA property manipulated by SILVIO BERLUSCONI, for the “OPERATION FRITZ” against ALDO MORO, from the title of “L’Amico Fritz”, the opera of Mascagni – MARIO MORETTI was not passionate-of-opera, but he was definitely obsessed-by-opera, in his aberrant memory of the CASATI-STAMPAs and their sumptuous attendance at the opening-nights at “LA SCALA”. And it was so that, in 1978, for SILVIO BERLUSCONI and in the name of the “RED BRIGADES”, and with the help of GIULIO ANDREOTTI (who became Prime Minister in place of ALDO MORO), the fierce MARIO MORETTI sequestered, “processed”, and after 55 days killed at point-blank ALDO MORO in the trunk of a car, trying first with a Walther pistol (which, of course, in true “RED-BRIGADES”-style, pathetically misfired), and then finishing ALDO MORO with a burst of eleven shots from a Skorpion, and thus opening the way to SILVIO BERLUSCONI’s Roman political path. MARIO MORETTI was subsequently arrested, tried, and convicted of the crime ALDO MORO (but not for the murder of ANTONIO ANNARUMMA, nor for the massacre of FONTANA SQUARE, nor for the “original-sin” of SILVIO BERLUSCONI, namely the crime CASATI-STAMPA, nor for the slaughter of GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI, and not for the homicide of PIER PAOLO PASOLINI), sat in jail for a part of the sentence, and was released in 1994.

    Quite logically, MARIO MORETTI works now (2010) exactly for SILVIO BERLUSCONI at ”IL GIORNALE”, a company owned by PAOLO BERLUSCONI, who had obtained it from SILVIO BERLUSCONI in 1994. MARIO MORETTI, the very murderer of ALDO MORO, free? Mysteriously, yes. On January 23, 1993, MARIO MORETTI for the first time left the “OPERA PRISON”, thanks to a four-day leave to attend a refresher-course at the offices of “Lombardia Informatica”, at the “LOMBARDY REGION” (“Regione Lombardia”), under ROBERTO FORMIGONI. And just out of prison, MARIO MORETTI became the lackey-employee of ROBERTO FORMIGONI at the “LOMBARDY REGION”. ROBERTO FORMIGONI, “formidable-but-formable”, blasphemous altar-boy, became President of the “LOMBARDY REGION” in 1995, precisely during the first government of SILVIO BERLUSCONI. ROBERTO FORMIGONI, boyfriend of SILVIO BERLUSCONI and fanatical nazi-lager-“kapo‘ ”-commander of “COMMUNION AND LIBERATION” (“Comunione e Liberazione”), is son of the killer EMILIO FORMIGONI, commander of the super-fascist “BRIGATE NERE” of Missaglia, who was the author of the “VALAPERTA-MASSACRE” as “the most evil one” (“ul puse’ catifa” – “il piu’ cattivo”). After having carried-out the “VALAPERTA-MASSACRE”, EMILIO FORMIGONI became a fugitive abroad, and reappeared years later in the small town of Lecco, where he continued to live, making a career as an electrical engineer, and died, he too unpunished, on February 6, 2000, 98 years of age.

    Was MARIO MORETTI indeed the author of the CASATI-STAMPA massacre? It would be illogical to think that MARIO MORETTI would remain calm in Milan, in Via delle Ande 15, with wife Amelia Cochetti, kindergarten teacher, and son Marcello Augusto MASSIMO (yes, all very imperial names, and also the name MASSIMO, in honor of his great Roman fascist friend MASSIMO MINORENTI, a member of the fascist group “ITALIAN SOCIAL MOVEMENT” – “Movimento Sociale Italiano – MSI” – subsequently eliminated in cold blood by MARIO MORETTI himself), working at the “SIT-SIEMENS”, although gratifying his psychopathic spirit with flyers and kidnappings and bombs of the type of FONTANA SQUARE without thinking of the CASATI-STAMPAs and their immense fortunes. The opportunity provided to MARIO MORETTI by SILVIO BERLUSCONI would undoubtedly have supported the intentionality.

    And MARIO MORETTI repeatedly showed a strong and tragic willingness to commit obtuse crimes without temperance. In the years 1968-1969 he studied at the “CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY” (“Universita’ Cattolica”) in Milan under LUIGI GIUSSANI, the founder of “COMMUNION AND LIBERATION”, and MARIO MORETTI maintained the definitive traits of catholic servility and fascist opportunism of the FONTANA SQUARE type, found also in odd “COMMUNION AND LIBERATION” personalities like ANTONIO NEGRI (a.k.a. “Toni”) and ROBERTO FORMIGONI, that sinister and servile opportunism that characterizes to-date the medieval and stinking obscure world of “COMMUNION AND LIBERATION”, full of vile criminals and of innocent idiots who still believe blindly in the holy virginity of the Madonna and in the pure honesty of SILVIO BERLUSCONI.

    For MARIO MORETTI and all the other catholic failed-heroes who surrounded him, renewed fascist-crusaders of a church in dissolution, the Romanian Codreanu with his “National Guard of Consciousness” (with Pancu), with his “Association of Christian Students” (in Iasi), with his “League” (“League for the National-Christian Defense”, with Cuza), with his “Legion of the Archangel Michael” (the “Legionary Movement”, which he invented while he was in prison) with his Brothers of the Cross” (with Stelescu), with his “Iron Guard” (with Sima), with his “Movement ‘All for the Fatherland’ “, with his “Grouping CZC” (with his own father), with his “Group of Working Legionaries” (with Clime, and then with Groza), with his “Legionnaire Help”, with his “Death Squads”, with his “Decemviri” (vulgar assassins, with whom he eliminated his friend Stelescu), and with the “National Legionary State”, Codreanu, the arch-nazi Corneliu Zelea Codreanu remained for MARIO MORETTI the mythical ideal para-military monster to follow and imitate. Codreanu, as also MARIO MORETTI, ANTONIO NEGRI, CARLO FIORONI and ROBERTO FORMIGONI, idealized an anti-Marxist form of anarcho-collectivism, achieved through a corporate-federation, with an “appropriate” level of violent apocalyptic social destabilization in order to facilitate the orgasmic “second-coming-of-christ”. One can of course also imagine these Italian christians, MARIO MORETTI, ANTONIO NEGRI, CARLO FIORONI and ROBERTO FORMIGONI on white horses galloping between Olbia and Frascati, of course …

    Was SILVIO BERLUSCONI indeed the one who contracted MARIO MORETTI for all these murders? In parallel, it would be illogical to think that a character as vicious and as slimy as SILVIO BERLUSCONI would remain quiet in Milan, working in construction, leading a modest life, with wife Carla Elvira Lucia Dall’Oglio and the two children, Maria Elvira Berlusconi (a.k.a. “Marina”) and PIER SILVIO BERLUSCONI (a.k.a. “Dudu”), without thinking with constant itching and irritation of the CASATI-STAMPAs and their vast fortunes. Here too the opportunity provided by LUIGI BERLUSCONI to SILVIO BERLUSCONI would strongly support the intentionality. And SILVIO BERLUSCONI has repeatedly demonstrated in his life his very tragic desire to recruit twisted souls without inhibitions, not only for goofy and extravagant purposes, but also for extremely brutal massacres and mass-murders.

    And the tone of immorality in the life of SILVIO BERLUSCONI has always reached very high levels, as shown by official reports of SILVIO BERLUSCONI with various call-girls and vaudeville actresses, such as “Valeria Lario” (Miriam Bartolini, actress of C-class just like Clara Petacci, the “Claretta” of “Ben” – as she used to call BENITO MUSSOLINI), with whom he had a daughter out-of-wedlock and in a state of adultery (Barbara, born in 1984), and then two more children after having divorced in 1985 the Dall’Oglio (the kids Eleonora, born in 1986, and Luigi, born in 1988). The Salesian SILVIO BERLUSCONI finally married the concubine “Lario” only as late as in 1990, because he was forced to do so by her family, a true “marriage-by-the-shotgun” (divorced in 2010): SILVIO BERLUSCONI, no surprise that during the course of his life if he also had relations with other generic prostitutes.

    RENATO CURCIO too was arrested, tried, and convicted for other despicable acts of common banditry carried out under the infamous name of the “RED BRIGADES”. RENATO CURCIO spent part of the sentence in jail, was released in 1998, and now works (2010) as a writer and has published several books for various publications controlled by SILVIO BERLUSCONI. Did RENATO CURCIO ever belong to the political left? Never: RENATO CURCIO started in the “Young Nation” and in the “Young Europe” of the nazi-Belgian Jean-Francois Thiriart, became a member of the ultra-fascist “Civilization Europe” (“Europa Civilta’ “) of Trento, and then continued in the super-catholic “Universita’ di Trento” of Flaminio Piccoli, ending up later in the sticky and poisonous tentacles of the nazi-Italian SILVIO BERLUSCONI.

    CESARE PREVITI was the lawyer for SILVIO BERLUSCONI, worked at “EDILNORD”, “REAL ESTATE HYDRA”, and “FININVEST” of SILVIO BERLUSCONI, became “Minister of Defense” (sic) in the first government of SILVIO BERLUSCONI in 1994, and Member of Parliament from 1996 to 2001 (for the ridiculous pseudo-party of SILVIO BERLUSCONI and of MARCELLO DELL’UTRI with the fascist denomination of “GO, ITALY” – “Forza Italia!” in raw soccer-lingo), before disappearing in a sickening round of bribes, trials of ignominy, and even imprisonment. As a perfect worm, CESARE PREVITI had also had the shameful impudence to offer its own arm to ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA the day of the funeral of the CASATI-STAMPA murdered couple, the same day that for the timid ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA was really tragic, but for the cowardly and brutal trio “CESARE PREVITI-SILVIO BERLUSCONI-MARIO MORETTI” was a day of complete necromantic triumph, when seen with their distorted perspective of hardened criminals without scruples.

    In 1979 (when MARIO MORETTI was still at large), CARMINE PECORELLI, a very courageous investigative journalist, was killed by a gunman in Rome. GIULIO ANDREOTTI was sentenced to 24 years for murdering CARMINE PECORELLI, but the Court of Appeals under the SILVIO BERLUSCONI government undid the conviction. CARMINE PECORELLI, a.k.a. “Mino”, was killed because he had was on the tracks of MARIO MORETTI and SILVIO BERLUSCONI for the CASATI-STAMPA and GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI killings, and the evidence of the involvement (subsequently proven correct even by the Courts) of MARIO MORETTI and GIULIO ANDREOTTI in the murder of ALDO MORO. The CARMINE PECORELLI crime was never clarified, and, for reasons unknown (or known), MARIO MORETTI was never investigated for shooting CARMINE PECORELLI. After CARMINE PECORELLI (who had succeeded in tracking the illicit connections between “HYPERION” – code “TT”, for “Think Tank”- and SILVIO BERLUSCONI, connections of which GIULIO ANDREOTTI was secretly already aware of in 1974) it was the total silence on the cases CASATI-STAMPA and GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI, since all the journalists had received an unmistakable bloodied warning signed “Silvio does not forgive”.

    When unopposed, the horrendous forces of fascist dictatorships manifest themselves again and again, often in the same exact and terrifying forms. GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI was only ten years old when his father, CARLO FELTRINELLI, was killed in 1935 by the sordid fascists because he had opposed the lurid attempts (later tragically implemented) of BENITO MUSSOLINI to nationalize 39 significant corporations that the FELTRINELLI family personally owned and controlled. And the son of GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI, also named CARLO FELTRINELLI, was also only ten years old when his father, GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI, was killed in 1972 by the sordid fascists because he had opposed the lurid attempts (later tragically implemented) of SILVIO BERLUSCONI to monopolize industry, culture, and politics in a revolting display of raw fascism that has brought back Italy to the dark ages of medieval feudalism.

    In 1984 (the same year in which the “RED BRIGADES” murdered Leamon Hunt), ENRICO BERLINGUER, during a meeting in Padua died suddenly, possibly murdered at a distance with a powerful and precise laser beam to the head, which caused a massive intracranial haemorrhage (this likely murder was never investigated or clarified). And after ENRICO BERLINGUER, in Italy it was the flood of populist neo-fascist SILVIO BERLUSCONI, since all obstacles posed to him by left-wing politicians had been removed.

    In 1986 (the same year in which the “RED BRIGADES” murdered Lando Conti), OLOF PALME, the Swedish Social Democratic Prime Minister, was killed by a gunman at the exit of a theater in Stockholm. Various elements of the “RED BRIGADES”, refugees in Stockholm, were moved around in the circles of the fascist Croatian “Ustasha”, but none of them was ever involved in crime (the crime, perpetrated under the code name “Operation Tree” – from the “palm” for “Palme”, was never investigated or clarified). CIA agent Ibrahim Razin claimed that three days before the assassination of OLOF PALME, Philip Guarino, a member of the Republican circles around George H. W. Bush, received a telegram signed by LICIO GELLI and sent by one of his men, Umberto Ortolani (“Head-hitman” – “Capobastone” – of the Bologna massacre in 1980), from one of the southernmost regions of Brazil. The telegram said: “Tell our friend that the Swedish palm will be felled.” As of yet (2010), the OLOF PALME murder has not been solved. And after OLOF PALME, in Sweden it was the flood of populist neo-fascist monarchist “Moderates” (“Moderaterna”) since all the obstacles presented by left-wing politicians had been removed in that country.

    In 1988 (the same year in which the “RED BRIGADES” murdered Roberto Ruffilli with the same machinegun Skorpion used for the “Acca Larentia Massacre”, back in 1978), Marisa Bellisario, socialist, leader of the “SIT-SIEMENS” (then “Italtel”), died, possibly murdered by a series of laser-beams in the chest, which caused multiple tumors (this likely murder was never investigated or clarified) in a final assault of the crumbling historic “RED BRIGADES” against the “SIT-SIEMENS” conglomerate. In fact it was right in the heart of the “SIT-SIEMENS” that the “RED BRIGADES” had started in 1970 their plans for destabilization with a view to favor the advent of the kind of fascist forces of SILVIO BERLUSCONI, marked by dingy names such as “GO, ITALY!” (founded by SILVIO BERLUSCONI with the criminal MARCELLO DELL’UTRI, who was sentenced in 2010 to 7 years in prison for open collaboration with the mafia), “Pole of the Liberties” (sic) (“Polo delle Liberta’ “), “Pole of Good Government” (“Polo del Buon Governo”), “Contract with the Italians” (“Contratto con gli Italiani”), “Continuous Miracle” (“Miracolo Continuo”), “Berlusconi Presidente” (“As Long as Berlusconi is President”), “HOME OF THE LIBERTIES” (sic) (“Casa delle Liberta’ “), “Blue Space” (“Spazio Azzurro”), “Circles of Freedom” (“Circoli di Liberta’ “) (associated with “COMMUNION AND LIBERATION” in 1986 in Rimini in the “Meeting-for-Friendship-Among-Peoples” – “Meeting-per-l’Amicizia-tra-i-Popoli”), “Circles of the Young” (chaired by MARCELLO DELL’UTRI), “PEOPLE OF THE LIBERTY” (“Popolo della Liberta’ ”) … liberty, yes, to injure and kill, repeatedly and with impunity.

    In 1994, GIOVANNI SPADOLINI, Chairman of the Senate, just before the tragic advent to power of SILVIO BERLUSCONI (in 1994, when he became prime minister for the first time, SILVIO BERLUSCONI nominated his servant Scognamiglio as President of the Senate instead of GIOVANNI SPADOLINI), GIOVANNI SPADOLINI died, possibly murdered by strontium poisoning, which caused multiple intestinal tumors (not even this murder was ever investigated or clarified). Many years before, on March 3, 1972, the same GIOVANNI SPADOLINI had been summarily dismissed from his position as Managing Editor of “CORRIERE DELLA SERA” because he had declared his intentions to begin, in the name of “CORRIERE DELLA SERA”, accurate investigations on the “RED BRIGADES” kidnapping of the “SIT-SIEMENS” manager IDALGO MACCHIARINI, which had occurred that same day of March 3, 1972.

    GIOVANNI SPADOLINI intended to publish on the same “CORRIERE DELLA SERA”, against the the will of the catholic Crespi family owners, the detailed results of research on disturbing activities’ of the “RED BRIGADES” and on the possible involvement of SILVIO BERLUSCONI in the suspicious events. GIOVANNI SPADOLINI was undoubtedly right, and only two weeks’ later, the “RED BRIGADES” carried out the kidnapping and murder of GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI, act that perhaps had initially been designed by CARLO FIORONI and MARIO MORETTI as a kidnapping for ransom, like their modus-operandi in 1975 with “WORKER POWER” (“Potere Operaio” or “PotOp”) for CARLO SARONIO, again in in 1975 with the brutal “RED BRIGADES” for Vittorio Vallarino Gancia (by RENATO CURCIO), and in 1977 with Pietro Costa (by MARGHERITA CAGOL).

    So GIOVANNI SPADOLINI was expelled from “CORRIERE DELLA SERA”. And when Piero Ottone in 1972 became director in charge of “CORRIERE DELLA SERA”, replacing GIOVANNI SPADOLINI, INDRO MONTANELLI left “CORRIERE DELLA SERA” and founded “Il Giornale Nuovo”. Subsequenly the “RED BRIGADES” in 1977 decided to hit INDRO MONTANELLI with three bullets in the legs. Several years before, INDRO MONTANELLI had been sentenced to death by the nazis-fascists in 1944 and had been locked-up in the “SAN VITTORE PRISON” in Milan, but was then pardoned through the intervention of the then archbishop of Milan, cardinal Ildefonso Schuster: so in fact the nazi-fascist “RED BRIGADES” shot INDRO MONTANELLY in the legs on behalf of the nazi-fascists. And of the “RED BRIGADES”, and of SILVIO BERLUSCONI, INDRO MONTANELLI later wrote: “The ‘berlusconism’ is really the vulgarity, the baseness, the scum that goes back up the shaft.”

    In this regard, the connection between the media groups of SILVIO BERLUSCONI and the language school in Paris “HYPERION” (formerly “Agora’ ”, and subsequently “Kiron”), which saw MARIO MORETTI as one of the founders (together with the “SUPERCLAN”, comprising CORRADO SIMIONI of the fascist “Radio Free Europe”, Duccio Berio of the “SID”, and Vanni Mulinaris of the “METROPOLITAN POLITICAL COLLECTIVE” of RENATO CURCIO (all catholic elements who had attended the shameful feudal-religious meeting of “monsignor” Luigi Maverna and of SALVATORE VECA at the Hotel Stella Maris in Chiavari in November 1969, evidently an absurd conference, with a radical under-tone, but organized in public by the fascists in collusion with the DIGOS in order to falsely blame the left for the upcoming violent acts planned by them, such as FONTANA SQUARE) (and from the conference of Chiavari emerged the infamous “yellow-booklet” – “libretto-giallo”, yellow indeed, just like the colors of the Vatican), such a connection has not yet been established (2010), but it is logic. It is known however that “HYPERION” in the Fall of 1977, before the seizure of ALDO MORO, had opened two satellite office in Rome, in Via Nicotera 26 and in Viale Angelico 38 (the one which CORRADO SIMIONI had used), and one in Milan, in Via Albani 33, offices that were all closed in big haste in June 1978, shortly after the tragic end of ALDO MORO.

    ANNA MARIA CASATI-STAMPA married a “nobleman”, Pierdonato Dona’ dalle Rose, and they went to live in Brazil, where they run a kennel, “Canil Vida Nova”, near Brasilia.

    CORRADO ALUNNI, who in 1976 founded the super-cruel “First Line” (“Prima Linea”, guilty of more than twenty homicides), and who was condemned for the ALDO MORO murder and also for having killed a prison-guard during the 1980 escape from the “SAN VITTORE PRISON” together with the common-bandit RENATO VALLANZASCA, “Rene’ “, is today (2010) free, works in computers, did marry Marinella Zoni (who was also a member of the “RED BRIGADES”), and they have a child together. And recently even RENATO VALLANZASCA has been released from the “OPERA PRISON”, has launched a commercial blog, and married Antonella d’Agostino, the “bandit-queen” from his youth. So, all the criminals are happy, and all the victims are dead.

    About the connection between MARIO MORETTI and the murder in March of 1972 of GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI, that MARIO MORETTI made look like a suicide, such a connection has not yet been established by the authorities’ (2010), but it is logic. The “investigating authorities“ pretended to accept – and subsequently, in fact, very surprisingly, they did indeed accept, the staged version put on by MARIO MORETTI “pylon-and-dynamite”, and the staging consisted of a pylon Terna (previously AEM) number 71, just in Segrate, on land adjacent to the properties “MILANO DUE” of SILVIO BERLUSCONI, and the case was put to rest. While GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI, a former truly heroic anti-fascist partisan during the war of liberation, was a real leftist ideologue, working through the “PARTISAN ACTION GROUPS” (“Gruppi d’Azione Partigiana” – GAP), MARIO MORETTI and the “RED BRIGADES” were “sinister extremists” that operated under the egotistical and megalomaniac orders of SILVIO BERLUSCONI, who saw the publishing company owned by GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI as an “annoying-obstacle” to the total advancement of SILVIO BERLUSCONI in the area of media. SILVIO BERLUSCONI feared GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI, and MARIO MORETTI feared the “PARTISAN ACTION GROUPS”.

    Incidentally, no bomber would have tried to crush this trellis “71”, a tower with a huge base of over 20 meters (still standing – in 2010 – near Via Atene, just off the Provincial Road 103 in Segrate, only two kilometers east of the land of “MILANO DUE” of SILVIO BERLUSCONI), a pylon that even with a whole ton of TNT would not have gone down: the idea that GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI woukd have thought dynamiting that trellis is completely and manifestly absurd. GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI was kidnapped by MARIO MORETTI, perhaps to demand a ransom from the family of GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI (GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI , “marquis” of the town of Gargnano – where his own Villa Feltrinelli had been requisitioned by BENITO MUSSOLINI during World War Two – was immensely rich, after the publications of the “Doctor Zhivago” and of “The Leopard”, with a wealth comparable only to that of the CASATI-STAMPAs – and GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI’s father too, CARLO FELTRINELLI, who allegedly committed suicide in 1935 but who was probably killed by the fascists, was at the time of his death one of the wealthiest persons in Italy – already the granduncle Giacomo Feltrinelli had been named by the press as “the wealthiest man in Milan”) and the last “prison” of GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI during the kidnapping was obviously located in the Segrate area of “MILANO DUE”, then under construction on behalf of “EDILNORD” of SILVIO BERLUSCONI and of MARCELLO DELL’UTRI.

    When GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI was killed, intentionally or accidentally, by MARIO MORETTI, the corpse was thrown with explosives under the trestle, to make the death appear as an accident, caused by the same GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI. The family of GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI (and also the editorial company “FELTRINELLI”) immediately reported the event as a kidnapping-with-murder, and also “CORRIERE DELLA SERA” initially presented the crime as a sequester-cum-homicide. Also Camilla Cederna and Eugenio Scalfari wrote “GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI has been murdered”, and ENRICO BERLINGUER describes the murder and the following cover-up as a “Scary theatrical set-up”. Needed to be noted is that previously other fascists, including MARTINO SICILIANO, for “NEW ORDER” (“Ordine Nuovo”) (MARTINO SICILIANO was owner of a bank-account of “FININVEST” of SILVIO BERLUSCONI in Switzerland, and received payments from Gaetano Pecorella, a lawyer of SILVIO BERLUSCONI) had advanced plans in 1971 to kidnap GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI from a chalet in Austria (adjacent to the castle of the fascist Marco Foscari, in Carinthia, a castle to which MARTINO SICILIANO had free access), chalet where GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI had lived since 1969, sought as a fugitive, with his fourth wife, Sibilla Melega. And of the “RED BRIGADES”, even MARGHERITA CAGOL was briefly stopped and interrogated for the crime GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI, but for unknown reasons, MARGHERITA CAGOL got a temporary suspension of issuance, and immediately after the release MARGHERITA CAGOL took the opportunity to choose hiding, destined to a tragic and predictable sunset of her own destruction and death.

    The connection MARTINO SICILIANO-GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI indicates that fascist elements associated with MARTINO SICILIANO and “NEW ORDER”, and that later joined the “RED BRIGADES”, as MARIO MORETTI, and that were involved in “WORKER POWER”, as CARLO FIORONI (who later received the information necessary for the sequestration of GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI from MARTINO SICILIANO through one “Gunter” – a friend of the gangster RENATO VALLANZASCA – and through SALVATORE VECA, who had contacts inside the publishing-house of GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI), were among the perpetrators of the massacre of FONTANA SQUARE and the bombs in Rome, all the coordinated events of December 12, 1969. The “RED BRIGADES” themselves (according to papers found in the “hot” hideout of the “RED BRIGADES” in Robbiano of Mediglia in 1974), in their “investigation” on FONTANA SQUARE, had “condemned” GIUSEPPE PINELLI (a.k.a. “Pino”) for having procured the explosives used in FONTANA SQUARE: obviously those members of the “RED BRIGADES” knew exactly who had directly committed the crime (namely the “RED BRIGADES” themselves) and who had participated in the abomination, namely those anarcho-syndicalists of the group to which also GIUSEPPE PINELLI belonged, the “ANARCHIC CIRCLE BRIDGE OF THE GHISOLFA” (“Circolo Anarchico Ponte della Ghisolfa”), geographically and ideologically close to the anarcho-syndicalists circles of “SIT-SIEMENS”, malignant heart of the “RED BRIGADES” and historic playground of that emerging criminal-fascist MARIO MORETTI, who in those years was shuttling between the exams of “Catholic Doctrine and Morals” at the “CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY”, and the catholic “FIM-CISL” at “SIT-SIEMENS”.

    It was most likely MARIO MORETTI himself who, at a “CISL” demonstration in front of the “TEATRO LIRICO” in Milan on November 19, 1969, hit and killed with a steel-pipe the policeman ANTONIO ANNARUMMA, in pure retaliation because a police-car had struck two “CISL” workers, friends of MARIO MORETTI. As was the case for SILVIO BERLUSCONI, whose life assumed a criminal dimension caused by the circumstance that his own father, LUIGI BERLUSCONI, had access to the banking data of the CASATI-STAMPAs, thus for MARIO MORETTI the event ANTONIO ANNARUMMA was a circumstance that changed tremendously the course of the events, and that completed the transformation of MARIO MORETTI in the monster that he eventually turned into.

    MARIO MORETTI, as a good catholic fascist, had always had a deep faith in the Fanfani-system based on subdued political hypocrisy, but when the agents hit his two trade-union friends at the “TEATRO LIRICO”, something inside MARIO MORETTI snapped. MARIO MORETTI had just gotten married, on September 29, 1969, with the young schoolteacher in an anarchist commune of Piazza Stuparich (adjacent to the “SIT-SIEMENS” complex), and, although dreaming for himself actions of imaginary flashing absurd heroism, he actually foresaw quite a flat life. After seeing on the newspapers the enormous impact, although negative, that the murder of ANTONIO ANNARUMMA had achieved, a mad shift launched MARIO MORETTI on the main stage of political crime, and MARIO MORETTI understood in his mind fertilized by megalomania that, also alone, with actions of extreme violence, he could impress society in massive and unexpected, extraordinary and unforeseeable manners. It was moreover the circumstance of the contacts with SILVIO BERLUSCONI for the slaughter of the CASATI-STAMPAs that placed MARIO MORETTI on a less random trajectory, on the track of a scheme of planned political violence. The killing of ANTONIO ANNARUMMA remains to this day unresolved (2010).

    MARIO MORETTI was indeed the mysterious “man-of-the-taxi”, the very same man that the cathocommunistanarchic taxi-river CORNELIO ROLANDI dropped-off in FONTANA SQUARE that evening of December 12, 1969. CORNELIO ROLANDI derailed the attention of the investigators by pointing out immediately, instead of MARIO MORETTI, other people he knew, as PIETRO VALPREDA (formerly a member of the “ANARCHIC CIRCLE BRIDGE OF THE GHISOLFA” and friend of GIUSEPPE PINELLI). The bank originally intended for the attack, instead of the National Bank of Agriculture, was in fact the “RASINI BANK”, the bank of the CASATI-STAMPAs (but Piazza Mercanti did not allow easy access to taxis), and the unexploded bomb defused on the same day of December in Piazza della Scala (Italian Commercial Bank) had originally been intended by MARIO MORETTI at “Teatro alla Scala”, but the plans of MARIO MORETTI were uprooted at the last moment by an invasion of Swiss tourists. “LA SCALA” had just opened the 1969-1970 season just five days earlier, on December 7, 1969, presenting Ernani with Domingo, Ghiaurov, and Abbado, and that evening the CASATI-STAMPAs attended as usual their bourgeois ritual at the opening of “LA SCALA”, leaving their stinking servant MARIO MORETTI seething with envy and filled with murderous plans of “… revenge, terrible revenge …” (“… vendetta, tremenda vendetta …”). And “… oh, if I were that warrior …” (“…oh se quel guerrier io fossi …”) echoed in the background of the murky mind of MARIO MORETTI.

    The burning jealousy and deep hatred of MARIO MORETTI for the CASATI-STAMPAs, envy and hatred that only a few months later found their full expression in MARIO MORETTI’s slaughter of the CASATI-STAMPAs, had found their expression in these cruel terrorist attacks against the monde-dore’ of the CASATI-STAMPAs, a world of banks and theaters: the minuscule electronic expert, catholic and confused, just out of boarding school, just joined the “CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY” and the grand-monde of Milan, had learned the rudiments of electronic-trigger-bombs from the anarchists at “SIT-SIEMENS” and at the “ANARCHIC CIRCLE BRIDGE OF THE GHISOLFA”, and promptly put his knowledge at work. And the placer of the three bombs exploded in Rome the same day of FONTANA SQUARE (December 12, 1969 in Via Veneto, Piazza Venezia, and the Altar of the Fatherland) was the same boy MASSIMO MINORENTI, the fascist-avant-garde young man, manager of a fascist youth club in Rome, with fame as a nazi-thug, former lover of the super-vulgar Lola Falana, that MASSIMO MINORENTI that MARIO MORETTI had put in contact with ANNA FALLARINO for their dissolute Roman pleasures Roman only in order to kill them all en-masse, that MARIO MORETTI that eliminated MASSIMO MINORENTI without any hesitation.

    All the way up to today (2010), investigators have overlooked the link MARIO MORETTI-MASSIMO MINORENTI for the bombings of December 12, 1969, a case that remains unresolved. And MARTINO SICILIANO, actinging around “LA SCALA” that December evening, with the appropriate operatic battle-name “Falstaff” (part of the fascist group “The Phoenix” – “La Fenice” – of GIANCARLO ROGNONI – that same GIANCARLO ROGNONI that effectively managed years later to burn down the “Teatro La Fenice” in 1996, with Enrico Carella and Massimiliano Marchetti), MARTINO SICILIANO put his dirty paw, along with CARLO FIORONI and VALERIO MORUCCI (friend of CARLO FIORONI, and member of “WORKER POWER” with CARLO FIORONI from 1968 to 1973). MARTINO SICILANO even admitted to “regret” the fact that he had well-planned, in addition to the seizure of GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI for CARLO FIORONI, the bombings of Trieste and Gorizia in the Fall of 1969 as a test for triggering the bombs in Milan and Rome on 12 December 1969, bombs that had been coordinated and inspected by “uncle Otto” (“zio Otto”), as admitted later by “uncle Otto” himself, Carlo Digilio, who said his “I-am-so-sorry” in 1993.

    The plot of MARIO MORETTI for the murder of FONTANA SQUARE was to recruit the cowardly driver CORNELIO ROLANDI to be transported with the heavy suitcase-bomb to FONTANA SQUARE, with the deadly pact that stated that CORNELIO ROLANDI would involve the anarchist dancer PIETRO VALPREDA, and that MARIO MORETTI would pass to ANTONIO ALLEGRA the name of GIUSEPPE PINELLI, an expert in explosives. The police received orders to follow blindly the false track of the “ANARCHIC CIRCLE BRIDGE OF THE GHISOLFA”, which naturally led the authorities in the pure vacuum, leaving MARIO MORETTI free to plan the next crime on behalf of SILVIO BERLUSCONI in the horrible massacre CASATI-STAMPA in the hot Roman summer of 1970.

    In addition, the elimination of the “annoying-obstacle” GIANGIACOMO FELTRINELLI opened the way to the subsequent expansions of SILVIO BERLUSCONI

    • Perry

      oj vad långt du skriver….det är så man baxnar och skiter i vad som står i texten…

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