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Filmregissören MALGA KUBIAK i intervju om senaste rullen Behind The Screen, Behind Xreen

2020-04-24 av Chawki
Foto: Malga Kubiak

   Malga Kubiak filmregissör, författare, konstnär hade  premiär för sin senaste rulle Behind The Screen, Behind Xreen  den 13 april online. Biografpremiären sker den 22 September på Cinema KINOTEKA LGBT Film Fest Poland. Filmen är som titeln säger en dokumentär om vad som händer bakom kameran när Kubiak gör sina filmer. GBG NONSTOP har medverkat flera gånger tex när Kubiak filmade på TELLUS i Sthlm. Det va  ett stort crew på plats. En stilig ung stockholmare hade en avgörande roll som naken, dansande SALVADOR DALI. Jag fick tyvärr själv ej se hans erotiska dans live eftersom jag hade uppmuntrat min sons assistent att göra en statistroll, själv stannade jag utanför inspelningsrummet med min pojke. Assistenten kom ut efter 45 minuter och berättade att han fått agera häst på alla fyra och att den nakna mannen dansade runt honom till dess att Kubiak regisserade hästen/assistenten att resa sig upp och säga LEVE REVOLUTIONEN! (detta va filmen om GARCIA LORCA) Jag sörjer än idag att jag inte närvarade vid detta ögonblick.

  Behind The Screen, Behind Xreen  har  dessvärre ännu ej någon premiär inplanerad i SVERIGE. Men ni kan ju åka till POLEN om den möjligheten finns i September.

  Malga arrangerade under många år GBG ART POETRY FESTIVAL i GBG som va en fullständigt vild festival, en smältdegel av intellektuella och råa konstnärer, poeter, musiker. Hennes filmande är lika anarkistiskt och otämjbart och fantasifullt. Fullt av färg, oljud, fria associationer, sex & människor hittade och regisserade på ett oefterhärmligt sätt. GBG NONSTOP fick en chattintervju med Kubiak om dokumentären om hennes filmande. Med på chatten närvarade även Kari Jantzen, kameraman, fotograf ( som valde att inte svara på nåra frågor) och Lola Möller, skådespelare mm.

Hej Malga, kan du berätta lite om filmen som har premiär? Din egen BEHIND THE SCENES.

Malga: Yes filmen! supreme, how I decided to make a dokument a docu about my works? First it was idea to make a docu on my lead actors pair in Warsaw, they are a peculiar pair on many counts Caroline Lopatynsky and Myro Kaminsky. When I decided the date and was finally there at their incredible home, with my camera and my plan, without my dog, as they have 2 huge dogs: my idea proved the flop. They were not going to disclose the reality of them that I know, they only spoke about working with me within my films. So invited them home, to continue seconed filming, bought 3 bottles of red wine, and they did not come, other team members Konarzewska and Zaremba came, drunk the wine and Interviewed them. Then it went this way, everyone was joint and wanting to join and I decided to make a docu about my works and in the same about myself.

Malga: I filmed with Andzrej Slodkowski Agnieszka Jackl, my newest actresses from Ophelia fit from EPOKALIPSA and hunted Daria to join, when I started to construct Her part by myself, she was literarily at my door, so I include bout parts, Kari Jantzen, the cinematographer that I work since 1980 yes never spoke directly to camera so I ’only have the film footage, and somehow the ’person’ vanished and also I only have a short moment with You , Hanna, form Annemarie Schwarzenbach Duende and one of Your songs, yet I have a lot with Lola Moller that is in few films my assistant and actress. That movie concerns ’mostly’ my works that are dedicated to LGBT icons, but within the footage there are takes as old as 1993. Why I started to include the footage of 90 ies, Marta Konarzewska, my actress who arrived at my place at the set with Her boyfriend Jarek Zaremba Viczakoff, and they drunk the wine at the set prepared for the other pair, insisted that she identify herself with me from the 90ies, and thats how it went to start with.Of course it had few emotional crucial fucks ups as well. I use to say Ass well.

– Va är  Kinoteka för ställe?

Malga: Kinoteka is cinema at Culture Palace in Warsaw a completely fabulous place in center of town, where both  Kari Jantzen and Lola Moller  attended the LGBT Film Festival in Warsaw many times. I have completed the movie when I already had known that festival is blocked – Wiktor Morka came to my place to announced that, then I quickly finished without really finishing everything, I felt started to feel as the earth is burning underneath me, and I must finish all film projects that I am into, that is Private Death of Lizza Siddal, that I finished yesterday and Im polishing that now,a nd I must edit Vinci Now, that I have not started edit, normally I edit simultaneously with filming may be  Kari and Lola could say anything about the festival and Kinoteka from own experience ? Jessica attend many times as well.

– Jessica is also part of last movie and I made an interview with her both in Wroclaw shortly and longer in GBG, there are documentary takes with You , Hanna, from festival Nowe Horyzonty 2013 when we showed Federico Garcia Lorca Noir Despair you could include something on the topic, I invited also Kari  and  Lola but they were not able to attend, which is pity as it was the biggest festival I was invited to so far.

– Kommer filmen visas i Sverige?

-Malga: That is a cryptic question, why I am in Warsaw is jobs, even if not paid, yet screenings, and some performing w Young Kem formation that has shows etc. I have no gigs in Sweden, the last time I screened was 2015 03 May FGLND at Zita, also at Mats Lundell Gallery space 2 years ago at my birthday, and that what You have organized but public screening was of Raoul- partly and at some festival in area, otherwise it was individual screening at Suns. What I wanted to add to the thought from before that I have not finished but I have lost the power at took a nap… This with virus is so fucked up, and I was so excited of the interview that I asked Wiktor to buy me a cake and as soon I came home at took at the cake and 2 glass of wine by myself and air went out of me. Its harsh and hard to simply survive its a new bad era. Anyway I am back to add about these 2 actors that drunk Caroline and Myro’s wine, Vitczakoff said that I let Him(made Him, help Him) to be true himself and Konarzewska that I asked to perform a child birth is trying to become a mother, they both are trying to became a parents.

– Hur brukar du hitta dina skådespelare?

Malga: I meet my actresses and actors not certainly everywhere, yet in special areas/ lately there were few women in their 30ies who invited me to join exhibition (art visual show) and there I found the few. also KEM a queer Warsaw group og young people, also they invited me to join, I even joined a dance show where I worked very hard to compete young ones and I was one of the five. They are my new actresses/actors. Also my new public from Kinoteka who come every year as its yearly event LGBT FilmFest Poland. Very selodm I find people as before on parties, but I guess that happens too.

– But also family as Saga Birro and Her partner Lisa Thunell . and of course I hold to by steady team. Only the people who are really fed up with me bail out.

– Dance show rehearsal was taking few month and we performed in CSW Castle main Art space in Warsaw taht since January 2020 was taking over by th e right wing government order. All dancers from the last show joined my new LIzzy film and next Vinci film, all but one who lives in Berlin.

– Kari och Lola, ni har ju jobbat med Malga under många filmer, Kari som kameraman och Lola som stabilt och fantasifullt bollplank & skådis. Vilket är det främsta skälet för er att samarbeta med Malga ?

Lola: Jag sitter hemma med feber för covid-19 känner inte mej så kommunikativ men Malga har inkluderat mycket av den intervju hon gjorde med mej i somras och ni får gärna citera mej därifrån. ( GBG RED. valde att inte citera därifrån denna gång pga tidsbrist).

Lola: Annars denna fantastiska festival i Warszawa i en otrolig byggnad av Stalin och samtidigt som det var ett stadsmöte och protester mot partiet lag och ordning och nationaldagens poliser och högernationalister motdemonstrationer och i allt detta en underbar LGBT festival med Malga och hennes crew i mitten.


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